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6 Eyed Dzi

6 eyed dzi's eliminate saddness, suffering, and bring good luck

Howlite - patience, calm, stress relief

Tigers eye - luck, good fortune, flow of wealth

Sesame Jasper - sustains and supports us during times of stress, brings tranquility



Kyanite is a stone of communication that will help you find a common ground between those with different beliefs and ideas. Great for those who deal with several different personalities on a daily basis. It will also help those who are feeling a little lost of unsure of what to do next find their path. 
Selinite - protection from negative energy and helps quiet your mind giving you mental clarity 

Lavakite - protective, grounding, patience

Labradorite. Clarity, balance, protection

Carnelian - motivation, leadership, courage

Onyx - protection, courage, confidence

Tourmaline - protection, self-confidence, positivity

Chrysoprase - truth, joy, happiness, and healing

Blue chalcedony - balance restoring, absorbs negative energy, calming

Blue lace agate - lessens anger, calms nerves, brings strong intuition

Amethyst - calm, balance, peace, patience

Dendritic agate - abundance, fullness in life, perseverance, and patience

Pyrite - boldness, assertive, leadership

Hematite- stability, logical thinking, balance

Turquoise - friendship, protection, clarity in thoughts

Tibetan agate - positivity, good fortune, prosperity

Rose quartz - compassion, healing, comfort, self love and care

Green aventurine - prosperity, wealth, luck

Rainbow moonstone - calm, endurance, balance, hope

Peach moonstone - soothes against anxiety, emotional support

Grey moonstone - unlimited potential

Iolite - harmony within one's self or home, dissolves fear, peace with one's self

Lepidolite - calm, trust, acceptance, hope

Sodalite - communication, logic, truth, thought stimulating

Jade - healing, protection, long life

Aquamarine - inspires truth, trust, and letting go

Rosewood - compassion, shields from negativity

Cracked quartz - evolution, growth, clarity

White Jade- peace harmony luck

Amazonite - expression, boundaries, loving communicatIon

Agate- emotional, physical, and intellectual balance

Opalite - improves communication, assists with transition, gives us strenth to verbalize our hidden feelings

Druzy - relaxation, stress relief

Garnet - purification, healing, comfort during transition

Lapis - stimulates wisdom and good judgment while attracting success